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Top 3 Ways to Attract Women/Girls to Technology

Top 3 Ways to Attract Women/Girls to Technology  (Click the link for the entire article.) Here is a stat that, if you are a female or care about one, might make you weep: Today in the United States, only 14% of engineers are women. The fact is, not enough girls are attracted to technology and science at a young age, and we lose them before they even get started. Girls lose confidence in math and science at around age eight, and this is a detriment to our whole society. Having a diversified tech team that includes women allows companies to build products with a much-needed perspective that will lead to even more innovation. But here is the rub – women don’t feel included in the engineering... read more

From Want-repreneur to Entrepreneur

From Want-repreneur to Entrepreneur  Click & enjoy the panel discussion! From Want-repreneur to Entrepreneur Have an undeniable business idea that you think will make millions? Looking for tips to go from being a dreamer to a builder of a business? This panel will discuss the promising characteristics of a “want-repreneur” and how to turn those traits into real action. What are this distinguishing characteristics of a dreamer that can push their vision into action? How can ‘ego’ play a role in going from dreamer to creator? How do you balance between just ‘winging-it’ and ‘perfection-paralysis’ Does a business plan help or hurt? Who should you ask for help and whom should you absolutely not ask for advice? What are your first three steps? Panel: Chris Franks @cefranks Chief Growth Officer, SchoolRunner Chris Onan   @chrisonan Galvanize Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer/Chief Financial Officer Ellis Blevins   @ellisblevins  @FluidConsulting Principal / Founder, Fluid Consulting... read more

A Simple Secret to Hiring a Great Team

Author: Ellis Blevins – Founder of Fluid Consulting There are those who know me well, and those who I just met – and both probably know I am a Bama fan(atic!). NCAA football makes me smile, and yell, and dance, and cry, especially when I think of the Alabama Crimson Tide. Did you know that there are only 4 days until kickoff?!  That being said, I am not planning on writing a sports article, but I am going to offer some insight on building a powerhouse team, and it starts with your next hire. The struggle is real, there are only so many all-stars, but maybe that isn’t what you need in the first place. As I speak with clients and peers, I hear the same thing. “How do we get the right candidates through our door? We need to hire!” What if I told you that I have a little secret– it’s a secret that many people know, they just don’t use it as much as they should. What if I could choose your next hire? I believe with one hire, it can help with the next, and the next, you know, the entire future of your team. I have plenty of excitement around the current demands of the hiring market.  The technology industry is growing, companies are growing, and the economy overall is growing. So to fit the changing trends in the marketplace, may I suggest that you make your next hire a different one? Let’s turn to an example of a recruiting mastermind, Nick Saban.  The Alabama head coach does not start the beginning of each... read more


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