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Top 3 Ways to Attract Women/Girls to Technology

Top 3 Ways to Attract Women/Girls to Technology  (Click the link for the entire article.) Here is a stat that, if you are a female or care about one, might make you weep: Today in the United States, only 14% of engineers are women. The fact is, not enough girls are attracted to technology and science…
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From Want-repreneur to Entrepreneur

From Want-repreneur to Entrepreneur  Click & enjoy the panel discussion! From Want-repreneur to Entrepreneur Have an undeniable business idea that you think will make millions? Looking for tips to go from being a dreamer to a builder of a business? This panel will discuss the promising characteristics of a “want-repreneur” and how to turn those traits…
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A Simple Secret to Hiring a Great Team

Author: Ellis Blevins – Founder of Fluid Consulting There are those who know me well, and those who I just met – and both probably know I am a Bama fan(atic!). NCAA football makes me smile, and yell, and dance, and cry, especially when I think of the Alabama Crimson Tide. Did you know that…
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